The "last" MMW volume of Sub-Mariner has been announced for Jan. 2018, concluding the original series. However, there were two really-pretty-good and nostalgic mini-series that happened after this series: Saga of the Sub-Mariner and Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner. This is in addition to all of the other guest appearances and Team Up or Two-in-One issues. I think this work would appeal to the same group of Sub-Mariner buyers that have purchased his MMW series to date. Not sure if many come to this particular board anymore, but if you do and have an opinion, please advise on that and...

This is a similar situation to Ant-Man (needs a volume 3 continuation) and Silver Surfer (needs a continuation before we even get to his second series - continuity be damned in this case), IMO. What do you think, collectively or individually (other)?

Should Subby, Silver Surfer, and Ant Man be continued beyond the current volumes? (Result)

OTHER - Please Explain

MAYBE - Please Explain