Custom bind, with letter written to JM =12ptJM,  =12ptFans of yours are asking your Spectacular Spider-Man run with Sal Buscema be collected in Marvel Omnibus Format. In a recent fan poll of MOST WANTED MARVEL OMNIBUS - your run came in at #29, over 1/2 way up the list.  =12ptI personally hold your work in such a high regard & tired of waiting, I created a custom bind of your work.  =12pt**pictures in comments below** =12ptIf you know anyone we could contact at Marvel, requesting this collection see print, please let us know!!  =12ptMAPPING of the Bind:=12ptThe “Ballad of Harry Osborn,” actually begins before JM DeMatteis’ run and would include:=12pt Amazing Spider-Man 136, 137, 316, =12ptWeb of Spider-Man 66-68=12ptWith material from Spectacular Spider-Man (the last page was a prologue/hint of Harry’s madness)=12ptThen we enter into JMDM’s run with:=12ptSpectacular Spider-Man #178-200=12ptAmazing Spider-Man 389, last few pages.=12ptSpectacular-Spiderman Annual #14=12ptSpider-Man: Legacy of Evil, written by Mark Waid.