Some days ago I gave as a present to my 6 year old nephew the three books Ralph Cosentino did about Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (Spanish version, of course). I think the quality of the books is amazing, both in presentation, style and specially arwork. My nephew loved them and I am looking for some more books in the same style but Marvel. So, I  am looking but I can't seem to find anything that seems interesting. Yes, I know there are a few Marvel kids books, I saw them in Amazon, but on the surface they dont seem to have the same high quality in artwork and style as the cosentino books. They seem just something done by an intern to get some quick bucks. Most ot them have been published in Spanish too, but I dont know, as I said they dont seem very well done.

So, can you give me some Marvel books recommendation for small kids that are on the same quality level of the Cosentino books?