Hmm. Another offering from the early 70s horror/Exorcist craze. Mind you, I think the premise (offspring of a demon and a mortal woman struggling to be good, at least mostly) is sound, and sometimes the writers are able to make good use of it.


But often things just fall on the wrong side of stupid and/or boring. This seems to be especially the case when writers try to come up with suitable superpowered adversaries (ha) to Daimon. Possessor... Meh. Mindstar... Bah. Legion of Nihilists... If only I could understand why they are actually doing any of the stuff they do. I mean, if nothing matters, why not just jump under the bus and be done with it? Madam Swabada and her Tarot deck was pretty good, though.

More straight-forward horror/possession stories usually work better, and here I think Daimon's university career is kind of interesting. How many university professors had their own comic mag?!? Also, this was a good way to build supporting cast and, yes, potential romantic interests. Who apparently like to be smacked around. Not very PC. And hey, the way SoS flies... FAIL.


I am glad Steve Gerber ditched the ridiculous Daimon-turns-into-Son-of-Satan-at-night thing. Did they want to make him like the early Hulk?!? Oh yeah, the Netheranium thing... WHY?!? The way Daimon walks into Hell just like it's a mine under his house.... Not very imaginative.

Art is really uneven. In early issues Herb Trimpe gives us some cool images.


Gene Colan knows his way around the occult.



Sonny Trinidad had some cool psychedelic stuff..


Russ Heath's art is gorgeous.





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