Another month has just whirled by... thanks again to everyone who contributed.

Looking ahead, we have a double dose of Time Capsules to look forward to next month... first up, November 1966 which can be previewed here.

A very eventful month to say the least... I'll be looking in on another Superman imaginary epic, while Yossarian will be tackling B'wana Beast.

Then we'll dial it back 7 years to August 1959 for a bonus capsule... you can check out that month over here.

Dennis has volunteered to take us through that month's issue of Batman, while Yossarian takes a look at All-Star Western. I will be taking on the wackiest Lois Lane tale this side of "the Irresistible Lois Lane"!

Everything else for either month is still up for grabs, so if anyone would like to claim one, just say the word.


"As for contentment, that is a myth.  Give a man everything he wishes and he will be unhappy, because he didn't wish for more; give him more, and he will die of his worries.  Only a turtle, asleep on a sunny log, knows contentment!"
-Merlin to Prince Valiant

            Hal Foster 3-7-43