Hello All ,


Sorry if this request does not fit here , but I felt it close  to be suited here as this somewhat deals with “creating and being inventive”


Just two days ago I came across the Marvel Encyclopedia 2010 edition in a retail store . It was in a not so good condition with a cracked spine and a messy and mismatched dust jacket  with more than one edge creased and opened up, but mainly it had a huge chunk torn off its front . The store offered it at a little lesser price due to it being damaged .I was keen to have an encyclopedia as there were sooo many characters I wasn’t aware of .

The amount in dollars I paid for it comes to about $24 . I thought I was getting a nice deal on it and put my money (especially as the cover displayed 30 pounds priced ).I realized my folly only on reaching home and checking on the net that I could have got a better condition elsewhere one for about the same price if not lesser  .

I am left with the encyclopedia that I would like to keep with a plastic sheet on the DJ as I do with most  books with a DJ. I don’t feel like discarding anything that has been part  of the book especially as it has some credits and snippets of info on the sides .I have mended the cuts and the tears on the DJ to the best of my ability however I am helpless with the huge missing chunk.

I understand its a far out possibility of fulfilling the hoping of a facsimile DJ being available .

Can any of you good folks suggest to me how I can mend this DJ . I was considering the best way was to print out a square that has the missing drawing and fit it exactly to match the cover design and paste it on . But I am not having any knowledge in computer design and graphics to do it myself .Can any of you tell me if this is a good idea and can lend me a helping hand with it if they have a copy of this book so I can get my DJ to a decent shape ?

Any sort of aid will be happily accepted .A big thanks for the same .