As I've said before, I'm not going for a completist run of Batman.  But I do want to cover the main high points.

The first few years of Batman's career are always a point of debate, so that's a work in progress.  I pretty much have everything that I want from Knightfall to now.  The biggest gap I have is what the Batman Chronology Project lists as "Year 13" - roughly Lonely Place of Dying until just before Knightfall.

I'm still trying to obtain these issues, but I'm also trying to target which ones to get based on summaries and placement on the Batman Chronology Project.  (Don't want to buy issues that I know I won't bind.)

Here's a tentative map I've come up with.  Books in italics are ones I already have.

Blind Justice (TPB): Detective Comics #598-600
A Lonely Place of Dying (TPB): Batman #440, New Titans #60, Batman #441, New Titans #61, Batman #442
Book 1: Detective #604-614 (might also include Batman #443-444 and the Secret Origins Clayface issue)
Book 2: Batman #448, Detective #615, Batman #449, Detective #616-617, Batman #450-451, Detective #618-621
Dark Knight, Dark City (DCP 100-Page Spectacular): Batman #452-454, Detective Comics #633
Book 3: Batman #455-457, Detective #622-624, Batman: Retroactive 1990s, Detective #625, Batman #458, Batman #459, Detective #626, Batman #460-461, Detective #628
Book 4: Batman #474, LOTDK #27, Detective #641, Batman #475, Detective #642, Batman #476, Detective #643, Batman #477-478
Book 5: Batman #479-482, Detective #647-653
Shadow of the Bat: SOTB #1-15
Sword of Azrael (TPB): Sword of Azrael #1-4
Prelude to Knightfall: Vengeance of Bane, Batman #484-487, Detective #654-656, 657 (p. 1-2), Batman #488, Detective #657 (p. 3-22), #658, Batman #489-490

But I have questions, as I'm trying to leave myself some flexibility to go back later and maybe include some of the issues I skip now.  I'm mainly concerned with getting most of the continuity points here (most of the major events deal with the development of Tim Drake).  And then there's just some stories that I think look interesting.

1.) Detective #604-614:  Can these stories be grouped together in one volume and put on either side of Lonely Place of Dying?  Or do some have to take place before, and some take place after?
2.) If I combine books 2 and 3 listed above, can Dark Knight, Dark City be moved to either side of that group of issues without causing any continuity/chronology problems?
3.) Where can I put Batman #465-466?  They are the only issues between Batman #462-473 that I'm interested in.  Most of the other issues either don't heavy impact continuity or tie into stories I don't want to deal with (War of the Gods or the various Robin mini-series).  I think the easiest solution would be to put them right after Detective #628, because the arc in Batman #462-464 doesn't sound too tied down to where it's placed.

I know I'm skipping most of the Milligan issues.  Most of them appear to be self contained and don't really impact continuity.  I might go back and grab them later in their own book.  They could fit between Books 3 and 4.

I have Detective #627 going into a Batman Through the Ages book, since it has the four versions of the Tec #27 story.

Book 5 I'm a little iffy on.  I might just merge it with Book 4.  I doubt I'll be interested enough to bother with Tec 644-646.

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