I'm currently reading Ultimate X-Men OHC 4 and I think there's something weird with its binding.
It's glued just like the rest of my "Ultimate Marvel" OHCs, but it seems like -maybe due to proper "loosening" or improper handling()- that it features some pseudo-sewn-flexible binding.
What that means is, that the actual glued pages can bend and detach from the "piece of cloth" at the very "bottom" of the cover. I've looked through my other OHCs and they do not have this "feature" - the glue goes all the way to the cloth (making the binding a bit tighter I guess).

So my question is:
Should I be worried? Usually I handle my books with the utmost care and so far it hasn't really been a problem, but what about the longevity?

Also, I was wondering if every Marvel OHC was glued, or are there exceptions?
Do you maybe know of other OHCs that have the same kind of glued binding I explained above?

Anyone know why my name isn't displayed correctly?

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