A two-volume approach was the best way to balance content, page count and price point. A four-volume approach resulted in books that were too small for the required price point. A three-volume approach would cut off either a Shang-Chi or Sons of the Tiger storyline mid-arc.

Vol. 1 runs through DHKF #18, which wraps a six-part Shang-Chi arc and has an Iron Fist/Son of the Tiger one-off story. Vol. 2 begins with DHKF #19, the beginning of a six-part Claremont/Nebres Iron Fist storyline, and the introduction of the White Tiger in the Sons of the Tiger. It's perfect break point for the two volumes.

Two ~1000-page volumes may seem too large for some; the 700-page MOKF volumes seem too smaller to others. Rarely, if ever, will everyone be happy all the time, but everyone should be happy that after 40+ years this material is finally being reprinted for the first time. It's a special opportunity you don't want to miss out on.