It's confusing.

The "X-Men: Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic" four-TPB set contains, basically, ALL the material set in the AoA universe that was published from 1995-2001. Everything including X-Universe and X-Men Chronicles. However, it does NOT include the "LegionQuest" storyline that created the AoA universe to begin with.

If you want to stick with TPBs, you can plug this gap by buying the "X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Prologue" TPB, which contains "LegionQuest" plus some semi-related material.

The Omnibus contains NOTHING from "X-Men: Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic vol. 1." That's all the prequel material, including X-Men Chronicles #1-2.

The Omnibus contains ALL the contents of "X-Men: Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic vol. 2".

The Omnibus contains ALMOST all of the contents of "X-Men: Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic vols. 3-4". It skipped X-Universe #1-2, X-Men Prime, X-Man #53-54 and Blink #4 pp.20-22. (Blink #4 pp.1-19 are collected in the first TPB, and pp.20-22 are reprinted in the fourth TPB. Confusing but true.)

Also, the Omnibus contains the MAIN part of the "LegionQuest" storyline, but NOT the ancillary material from the "AoA Prologue" TPB.

If you want everything, and you want it all in a consistent format, I'd recommend the 5-TPB set.

HOWEVER! The TPBs aren't the greatest. The backup material from X-Men Chronicles #2, a page from Factor X #3, and a panel(?!?) from Generation Next #4, are all missing. The TPBs also have a lot of pages that contain coloring errors, word balloon errors, or are just plain poorly reproduced. And some issues are run out of order in the TPBs.

The Omnibus fixes all those errors. (Except for restoring Chronicles #2's backup material -- because the Omnibus didn't collect Chronicles #2.) In that sense, the Omnibus is superior to the TPBs, and I recommend it over them.

Buy both!

And don't forget to also buy the 1996 "X-Men: Twilight of the Age of Apocalypse" TPB, which adds an extra story page to X-Universe #2...!


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