Hey guys

I love the feedback a lot of you are giving. I came across this site when looking at the usage stats for the Humanoids facebook and noticed a lot of traffic was originating from here. Only thing I ask is if you're linking to images directly from the Facebook page or main site, could you link to the album instead so people are actually checking out the facebook as we try to do a lot to interact with the fans there and hold promotional contests (We just gave away a free signed copy of the Tikitis this week)  Obviously I can't force anyone to do this, as it is the internet, but It's just a request :-)

I only browsed some of the threads but I will try to check here every few days and answer questions. You will always have a better chance of getting a quick response by posting on our FaceBook wall as that goes to my phone and the other admins who check that daily.

One thing I noticed and wanted to bring up was a comment about the price of Eyes of the Cat. If you have seen the specs on it, you will notice the book is HUGE in size per page. This isn't your usual size book and we presented it as more of an art style book for fans of Moebius and Jodorowsky.

I will always try to answer questions as best as I can. Unfortunately we try our hardest not to overstep Diamond's PREVIEWS. So if questions are asked about "When will such and such be printed" or "will this be reprinted in a regular TPB" I will prolly hide behind a "wait and see" type answer as we have to wait to make official announcements after Diamond's Previews have gone up.

I look forward to hearing from you guys as you seem to be a bunch of passionate fans and I'm impressed with the love here.

The Humanoid

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