Hi alexarkadin,

Only the stories contained in the book were restored. I used the rough scans to lay the book out and decide which stories would be featured.

When I selected the stories, I purposely avoided any which had already been presented in Richard Howell’s book, Real Love (1998). I also didn’t include any of the stories from Young Romance #1, as that particular comic was reprinted in its entirety by DC comics in 2000. I narrowed down my choice to the stories that I found most appealing, exciting, and a good representation of the three major periods:

1947-48: The Birth of a Genre

1949-53: The Big Boom

1954-59: The Post-Code Era

To complete the overview, I included two examples of the western sub-genre, a nice selection of covers, and never before reprinted post-code stories including the last romance story Simon and Kirby did as an artistic team.

Here's a copy of the table of content for those interested. The inking credits were determined by using the Jack Kirby Checklist from TwoMorrows Publishing.


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