apachedug wrote:

THESE BOOKS ARE INCREDIBLE!! Weird Science cover mishap be damned, you guys are putting the Masterworks & Archives to shame! No joke, you can really
feel the love in these books. They're beautiful! (I've already condensed my Archive collection to make room for these beauties on the bookshelf...)
Just wondering:

1) More Crime SuspensStories anytime soon? What about Weird Fantasy?

2) How come Weird Science 3 isn't listed on Amazon? (Oh well, I owe Tales of Wonder some business anyway...)

Just wanted to express my gratitude for these gorgeous reprints--YOU REALLY GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH HERE! (Now I've gotta dry my eyes and go back to
reading Vault of Horror...)

apachedug--Thanks for the kind words! Glad to see you've added the EC ARCHIVES to your collection.

To answer your questions--Yes, more CRIME SUSPENSTORIES are on the way. And the first volume of WEIRD FANTASY will be on its way soon too. Our intention is to publish ALL of the NEW TREND and NEW DIRECTION.

I'm not sure why WEIRD SCIENCE 3 is not available at Amazon. I'll ask Russ.

If you're enjoying VAULT OF HORROR, just wait till you get TALES FROM THE CRYPT 3! I just got my copy from the printer and in addition to great art and stories, production-wise, it might be the best book we've done so far. It should be available sometime next month.

Michael Kronenberg
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