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Wallace Wood Presents Shattuck (topic)
Wallace Wood Presents Shattuck HardcoverHardcover: 72 pagesPublisher: Fantagraphics Books (April 17 2016)
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Pimp My Shelf

06/14/15 1:58 AM
Witzend out this week! Who's up for that one? (topic)
I was gobsmacked when I seen that Fantagraphics would be releasing Wally Woods' classic "Witzend" series fo comic books! I'd seen it for years when I was younger but never did pick it up and always regretted it! But now, thanks to the...
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Library of Graphic Literature

06/07/14 5:50 PM
Vanguard announces Wally Wood STRANGE WORLDS  (topic)
Here is the link to the first announcement from Vanguard of the coming Wally Wood STRANGE WORLDS collection:
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04/24/11 4:57 AM
The Goon: Misery ain't never been so sweet  (topic)
I came to the Goon late but I absolutely love this unique bastard-child of Will Elder, Frank Frazetta & Wally Wood.Even though his artistic influences are obvious, Eric Powell has got to be one of the most unique talents to come down...
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07/04/10 10:56 AM
Masters of the Medium Phase Two [Remastered] (topic)
I've decided to retire the previous Masters of the Medium thread for fear that it is getting too long and too heavy to load for some people.I also want to try and present the material in a more coherent fashion instead of so scatter shot...
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01/24/10 5:26 PM
Warren Archives from Dark Horse  (topic)
So how many Warren fans have already  bailed on the Creepy and Eerie Archives from Dark Horse?Volume 3 of Creepy was my last one and volume 2 of Eerie.Dark Horse seems to be producing them fast and furious, perhaps hoping to get...
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12/21/09 7:11 PM
Fantagraphics' Prince Valiant & other Dream Projects  (topic)
What a gob-smackingly gorgeous book. Sumptuous is the only word for it....sumptuous. It almos makes you dispair of buying anymore modern comics. Was there ever a more beautiful collection of Golden Age material? If there is, god...
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07/26/09 2:18 PM