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Best of DC Archives Covers  (topic)
With the slow down of releases of DC Archives in a now semi-permanent state, I am thinking about starting a poll topic of the Best of the DC Archives covers.I've never done a poll topic before, so please forgive me my mistakes. ...
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04/23/10 4:28 PM
Robin Archives Vol. 2 Discussion  (topic)
A BRAND NEW DC ARCHIVES VOLUME IS OUT!!!! Mine is being mailed to my place in Georgia, but I won't be leaving New York for another couple weeks. So some of you get to see this puppy way before I do. In the contest thread, redfusion...
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04/01/10 8:09 PM
Q: Legion of Superheroes Archives, etc.  (topic)
I've just finished reading all 50 issues of LOSH (Vol. 5) by Waid, Bedard & Shooter. Enjoyed this comic immensely! Was very sad to see it end. Brainiac 5 is my favorite character of the bunch. However, each one is very...
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Sentry 459

06/15/09 3:15 AM
Green Lantern Archives Vol. 7 ?  (topic)
I was pondering what Green Lantern Archives Vol. 7 would look like. It would probably include issues #48-56. Some cool stuff! (Edited thread title so it didn't come off as an announcement... Moderatin' 'Muu )
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04/26/09 3:30 AM
DC Archives Question  (topic)
The Showcase line has been something of a gateway into DC comics for me (Challengers, Unknown Soldier, War that Time Forgot, ect). I recently found a couple volumes of Adam Strange, Doom Patrol and New Teen Titans for cheap and enjoyed...
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The Hamms Bear

09/28/08 10:25 PM
DC Archives Interview - A real possiblity of one....  (topic)
For one reason and another I haven't popped over to the DC Boards since early last week and noticed the following important thread: DC Archives Interview And thought I would piont it out if anyone may not have seen it and to see...
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09/02/08 8:43 AM
The Spirit Archives Vol. 24  (topic)
My copy of The Spirit Archives Vol. 24 (AKA the completion of the newspaper inserts) just arrived. Great looking book and wonderful series. Anyone else buy them all since the beginning? I did and I remember meeting Will Eisner in San...
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Five Years Later

06/17/08 7:06 PM
New Teen Titans Archives Vol. 4 +  (topic)
I'm a little late to the discussion about this book, but I wanted to ruminate about the recently announced New Teen Titans Archives Vol. 4 that is set to come out sometime this Fall. It'll pick up where Vol. 3 left off,...
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04/21/08 10:57 PM
New Archives???  (topic)
Name three new lines that you want and that you think might (maybe) have a chance. My choices: 1. Viking Prince (done in one) 2. Jonah Hex -- I think the audience is primed and ready for this. 3. Unknown Soldier -- you could get...
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Five Years Later

02/13/08 6:03 AM
The all new totally on topic "Which DC Archives have you purchased since the 'news' ?" thread ;)  (topic)
As requested, a new thread on this topic. I've just ordered the Doom Patrol Volume 1 DC Archive, I've never read any Doom patrol comics so I'm pretty excited about receiving this.
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Anthony Stark

02/08/08 3:16 AM
Formerly the "Which DC Archives have you purchased since the 'news' ?" thread but latterly more a general discussion on the DC Archives line in general.  (topic)
I thought it would be interesting to see which Archives people have bought since DC announced that they will be replaced by a new line. I've just received "Justice League America Archives Volume 1" which I am absolutely...
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Anthony Stark

01/31/08 10:13 PM
Will MAD Archives end/change, too?  (topic)
Just wondering how DC's "rethinking" their Archives program will affect the MAD Archives? Since it's separate from their company-owned stuff (like the Spirit Archives), will it go on as scheduled? Anyone know?
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Bolivar Trask

01/23/08 5:27 PM
DC Archives - Final (?) Statistics  (topic)
Well if DC executes on publishing all the books that have been promised (Adam Strange, Doom Patrol, etc.), then here are the final statistics for the DC Archive program as we know it today. Overall, I have to say that I'm pleased...
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12/27/07 8:24 PM
Adam Strange  (topic)
I heard someone say that we are near the end of the Adam Strange archives. How close to the end are we?
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11/20/07 2:55 PM
Archives sales numbers  (topic)
Does anyone here have any interest in a list like this? And before anyone mentions it, yes, it's generally assumed that the DC Archives do a good percentage of their business through reorders of older product. But there's also...
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01/05/07 10:25 PM
DC Archives: Waiting for Sequels  (topic)
Updating the list of Forgotten Archives, through the Sept '03 solicitations. These are the Archive lines that have been waiting at least 24 months for a follow-up.48-59 months55 months: New Teen Titans (Feb '99)50 months: GA Flash (Jul...
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05/15/03 7:04 AM