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Spider-man, PPSSM and WOSM mapping (topic)
The following maps Amazing Spider-man through Roger Stern's run and Peter Parker through Bill Mantlo's run.Amazing Spider-Man volume 17Collects Amazing Spider-Man #169-180, Annual #11, Nova #12June 1977 to May 1978 - 270 pages of...
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07/11/14 10:33 PM
Michelinie/Larsen/Bagley Amazing Spider-Man omnibus?  (topic)
I recently bought the Michelinie/McFarlane ASM omnibus, and boy, it brought back some (good) memories. Do you think Marvel will continue Michelinie's run? And, would you buy it? For me, another volume, covering issues 330-363, would do it.
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03/20/13 5:19 AM
Re-mapping Masterworks project  (topic)
I'm not sure if anyone else has started one of these for re-doing Masterworks but it seems to me like a good idea. More recently Masterworks have had higher page counts or have fallen out of step with the original mappings on the "what...
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02/25/13 2:45 AM
Classic Spider-Man uncollected (and out-of-print): what would you like to see?  (topic)
EDITED PER SUGGESTIONS FROM OTHER POSTERSInspired by this earlier thread about the X-Men ... Forgetting Essentials for a moment, post-(current) Masterwork era and pre-Maximum Carnage, there are a lot -- and I mean a LOT -- of uncollected...
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11/15/10 10:55 PM
1988  (topic)
was a good year for Marvel. I always liked to consider 1988 as the "real" beginning of the 90s, at least as far as comics are concerned. Some highlights: Todd McFarlane continues his run on The Incredible Hulk, as written by...
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09/17/09 1:04 AM