Pogo, Carolyn Kelly and some sad news

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I'm feeling like an ass for complaining in the past in these forums about the slow release of Pogo volumes from Fantagraphics. Mark Evanier has posted a beautiful, moving tribute to Carolyn Kelly (daughter of Pogo creator Walt Kelly). If you've read Mark's blog in the past, you know he and Ms. Kelly were very close. She is also the reason the Pogo volumes have been put together with such loving care. Her declining health, her drive for perfection on the books, her meticulous work on them -- all of these are reasons why volumes have appeared at such a slow pace. Her involvement is also one of the reasons the Pogo volumes have raised the bar for how good a reprint of a classic strip can be.
Mark used to frequent these pages. Not sure if he still does. But just in case, I wanted to thank him for the touching obituary he shared. He has written the obits for many comic artist and writers, often people whose passing would have gone unnoticed by the general public if he hadn't taken the time to tell us about their life. I suspect today's was among the most difficult he's written.

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Ugggh. My condolences, Mark and family.

Brother Eye

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Beautiful orbit...RIP.

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Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Godspeed, Carolyn. God's blessings, Mark.

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My condolences to Mark and the Kelly family.
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... R.I.P. Carolyn.

I wish I was one of the lucky ones that knew the warmth of your smile.
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Very sorry for the loss of Carolyn for Mark Evanier, the Kellys, and the Pogo people/fans.